How much do your cookies cost?

Pricing for our cookies starts at $40.80 per dozen with price increase possible depending on level of detail required for the design (logos, monograms, and characters would be examples), and/or the size of the cookie.

Where are you located?

Our address is 4517 Lead Mine Road, Suite B, Raleigh, NC 27612. We are located in the garden level below Crabtree Chiropractic Center – when you arrive, drive down the parking lot and curve left around the side of the building into the side parking lot. You will see the awning over the door and our logo on the separate entrance.

How many cookies can I order?

One dozen is the minimum order, and you are welcome to order additional cookies by the half dozen or full dozen after the minimum order.

How many different cookie designs can I choose for my order?

You may choose up to two different designs per one dozen cookies ordered. For example, an order of 2 ½ dozen cookies would allow you to choose five different designs for your cookies.

How do your cookies come packaged? Can I get them individually wrapped?

Our cookies typically come boxed in bulk, but we do offer individual packaging for an extra fee of $3.50 per dozen. The individually wrapped cookies are bagged in self-sealed cellophane bags with a small sticker on the bag to ensure closure. The bags do not include a ribbon or tie closure, and it offers a clean and streamlined look for the cookies.

What sizes do you offer for your chocolate chip cookie cakes, and how much do they cost?

We offer two different sizes of our cookie cakes: 14” for $45 and 16” for $60. The cookie cakes are made with premium Ghirardelli chocolate and weigh about 5 and 7 pounds each, respectively, so they are not your typical cookie cake! They can serve quite a few people depending on how they are cut/served. The price includes two colors of buttercream icing and a simple message.

Can you deliver the cookies?

At this time, we do not offer delivery service. However, you may pick up your cookie order from our bakery location, or we can ship a cookie package anywhere in the United States!

How do you ship your cookies?

We ship our cookies via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. They typically arrive in 2-4 days from the shipping date. We package the cookies with extra care in order for them to avoid breaking while in transit. We cannot be held responsible for broken cookies once they have left our hands, nor can we be held responsible if a package is shipped out on time but arrives late or is lost en route.

Do you have a phone number where I can order?

Yes, we do! Our phone number is (919) 728-0508

Can I place an order for the same day I need cookies?

Unfortunately, no – we need at least a few days notice for a cookie order due to the time it takes to process an order (this includes the baking, decorating, drying time, and packaging). Depending on how quickly our cookie calendar books up, we recommend placing your order at least two weeks in advance. We can sometimes take on emergency orders as long as we have at least three days notice and room on our schedule for that week  Cookie cake orders, however, can be placed the day before if necessary!

Can you create a cookie that looks exactly like my logo?

It depends! We can take a look at a logo or image to see if it’s possible to replicate by hand. We do not use an edible printer, so every cookie we create is decorated by hand. Some logos are just too intricate to replicate with icing, but we will try our best to come up with the perfect design that will meet your needs!

Can you guarantee a specific color match?

We cannot guarantee specific color matches. When we are sent a desired color for cookies, we will do our very best to make it as close to that color as possible. Keep in mind that sometimes colors will vary in appearance depending on different computer screens, so what looks like a certain color on one screen may look like a totally different shade on our screen when we review it. However, we will attempt to get the shade or color as close as possible to what you have communicated with us.